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Location: London
June 2017
Presenter: Ian Stuart

Gartner estimate that between 70 & 80% of BI Projects fail.

Nobody wants to believe that their next initiative will fall into the failure bucket but, if this statistic is true, the likelihood is that it will.

This two day interactive course focuses on the main reasons for failure and how to combat them.

Each of the topics will be unpacked through explanation and feedback.  Delegates will then learn techniques to tackle the problems.

This course is not about a particular project management methodology nor does it focus on any particular toolset, rather the course teaches principles citing real life examples of poor and good practice.

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: London
16th - 18th May 2017
Presenter: Margy Ross
Excellence in dimensional modeling remains the keystone of a well-designed data warehouse/business intelligence system, regardless of your architecture. This course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from the industry’s dimensional modeling thought leader.

Author : Elizabeth Gordon

Location: London
20th to 23rd March 2017
Presenter: Stephen Few
A comprehensive 4 days course including three of Stephen's workshops; Show Me the Numbers: Table and Graph Design' (two-day course), ‘Information Dashboard Design’ and 'Now You See It'

Author : Elizabeth Gordon