We have over 90 passionate, well-trained and highly-skilled people who love nothing better than working on a challenging assignment for clients.

The one thing they all have in common is a commitment to do the best job possible, for each and every project.

Our People

Just some of the passionate and committed people that make up our team.

John Hoffman

Proud Leader (CEO) of Altis.

John’s belief that Happy People = Happy Customers = Success, has played an important role in the success of Altis over the last few years. John brings a passion for building success through a positive company culture and 5 consecutive years in BRW's Best Place to Work in Australia demonstrates the approach works. Outside of Altis, John loves hanging out with his family and involving himself in Surf Lifesaving at Queenscliff.

Joined: August 2005


Chrysnan re-joined the Altis team as a consultant in our Canberra office. She has extensive experience in SQL Server: Integration Services and Analysis Services, Tableau, Hyperion and Business Analysis. Outside of work, Chrysnan is a busy mother of two active boys. She also enjoys baking and cooking and is an active volunteer in preschool and community groups.

Joined: September 2014


Ben is a Senior Consultant with expertise in the field of Project Management and Team Leading - particularly in a DW/BI context. He is technically focused on DW/BI strategy and architecture, data modelling and ETL. Even though he has been accused of being a political junkie, he balances this by staying competitive with tennis, cycling and running. Ben is also a proud father of three whose place in the family pecking order has gone down one peg with the addition of each child. Wise words from Ben's favourite quote is 'Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect'.

Joined: July 2013


Jin is a consultant with experience in ETL, Data Warehousing and Reporting and specialises in Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS and SSRS. Don’t be fooled, Jin may look serious but he’s really light-hearted and enjoys working out at the gym.

Joined: July 2014


Gokul has worked in a broad range of industries, gaining expertise in Microsoft SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, Oracle, VBA, VB.Net, requirement gathering and stakeholder management. He has a high level of technical ability and is able to quickly pick up new concepts and technologies with ease and rapidly develop competency. Outside of the office, he likes to burn off his high-energy levels (fuelled no doubt from endless caffeine) by playing volleyball as often as he can.

Joined: September 2014


Emilio is the NSW/QLD Regional Manager with over 17 years of experience in Analytical Marketing, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. He has experience in Government, Large and Small Corporates, and has strong Financial Services expertise. Emilio knows how to help any business with their BI needs. He has been a key to Altis' growth – opening the Federal Government branch before stepping into the Leadership role in NSW/QLD. Emilio loves to hang out with his family and enjoys fine wine with a Greek meal!

Joined: September 2003


Amir is a Principal Consultant skilled in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Governance and is a master guru in Master Data Management. Amir loves to travel with his wife and young son, keep fit with tennis and keep his mind fit with continuous education. Amir is passionate about his role with Altis – as he says life is too short to not enjoy what you do for work.

Joined: August 2006


Katrina is the Regional Manager for our ACT office. Katrina brings extensive knowledge of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics to her role, as well as an understanding of the Government sector. Katrina loves to keep fit outside of work with visits to the gym and cycling. In her Zen moments she grows Orchids. Katrina is happy to drive change as her favourite quote is 'the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results'!

Joined: July 2012


Radek is a Consultant with expertise in the field of MS SQL Server + SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and IBM Cognos. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his friends and family and having a good laugh. Radek is an adventurous person who is passionate about trying new things. You can often find him with a camera in his hands while travelling in various countries around the world. He also enjoys scuba diving, skiing, cooking, fishing and camping.

Joined: October 2014


Alex is our NSW Business Development Manager. He has over 17 years’ experience in the ICT industry, initially as an IT Engineer and for the last 14 years in a sales and account management capacity. Alex enjoys the challenge of sales, meeting prospects, understanding their world and determining the best solution. Outside of work Alex has a diverse set of interests, travel and cultural discovery, keeping fit, socialising, gardening and caring for his family and two young boys.

Joined: July 2014


Natalie is a Principal Consultant.

Joined: August 2006


Chris was the first employee hired by Altis. Chris has held many roles but his latest - as the Higher Education and Tableau practice lead - is his favourite. Leading the Higher education vertical uses all of Chris’s skills in DW/BI strategy, solution delivery and quality assurance. Chris is the expert dancer in the team - keeping mind and body agile with swing dancing whenever he has the chance.

Joined: March 1998


Elizabeth joined Altis as our Training Manager. Liz heads up our exclusive partnerships with leading authors and practitioners to bring the best Information Management education courses throughout Australia and New Zealand. Liz also organises our events and manages our partnership with Variety – the Children’s Charity. Liz loves spending time with her family and friends, and – she's a qualified Event Planner (and make-up artist if anyone in the office is in need of a makeover!)

Joined: September 2006


Chris has expertise in the field of Microsoft BI Stack, SAP BOBJ DS and .NET. He enjoys adventure mountaineering, fun runs, renovating, landscaping and organic gardening. Chris and his wife are also delighted to be expecting their first child in summer to bolster the family to four including their lassie dog Polly. One of Chris' favourite quotes comes from Mark Twain who said 'Anyone who stops learning is old, whether twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing you can do is keep your mind young'.

Joined: July 2013


Anita is our Office and Communication Assistant. With her experience in marketing, communication and online brand analysis she works at elevating Altis’ digital presence and makes sure that everything runs smoothly internally. When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a Kindle or tablet, she loves exploring new and interesting places in Sydney, cooking and dining out and learning to play Bass Guitar.

Joined: November 2012


Mythili is one of our Programme Managers. She has expertise in project management and, programme management in the DW/BI space. She also likes to get down into the details with skills in research, analysis and design. Outside of work Mythili values time with her family and is passionate about reading to expand the mind. Mythili is also an Indian classical dance teacher and performer.

Joined: January 2007


Dewey is one of our Consultants and part of our Managed Services team. His expertise extends to Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration and BI Development, IBM Cognos BI and Dimensional Modelling and Designing. Outside of work, Dewey enjoys time out at the beach on sunny days, listening to music and singing, playing basketball, going out for bush walk and travelling.'

Joined: May 2013


Shan is a Consultant specialising in Data Warehousing, Business Analysis and Business Intelligence. His expertise includes Teradata and Oracle software as well as Cognos BI Suite. Shan’s favourite quote is ‘If you think you made it, you’re at the wrong place, never stop’ and keeps busy outside of work by playing sports and spending time with family and friends.

Joined: August 2011


Andrew is a Senior Consultant with expertise in Program/Project/Portfolio management – particularly in DW/BI. Andrew is also an experienced Team Leader. Outside of work Andrew puts those team management skills to good use coaching and managing his kids sporting teams. Andrew also loves getting out on his bike, kicking back to some good music and creating great meals in the kitchen for his family and friends

Joined: June 2012


John is a well-rounded senior consultant covering all aspects of Information Management, from big picture thinking through to building business outcomes and finds great satisfaction in guiding and enabling team members to grow and contribute in innovative ways. Outside of work, John enjoys travel - especially with a sense of history.

Joined: June 2014


Julia is a Consultant with experience as a certified Tableau trainer and experience in Tableau consulting and training and Pentaho. When she's not in the office, you can find Julia upside down - doing AcroYoga (partner acrobatics plus yoga) or dancing (ballroom) or fighting (American Kenpo self defence system) and of course on the beach - running, swimming, surfing. If that's not enough, she's been been spotted in the bush occasionally - camping, walking, horse riding and is also a certified Laughter yoga leader and a yoga teacher. This is done, all the while with her mantra in mind 'Work honestly, meditate every day, meet people without fear and play!'

Joined: April 2013


Matthew is Canberra’s Solution’s Delivery Manager and a valuable member of the team with his skills and proficiency in Business Development, Solutions Delivery through people, Product Development Management and IT Recruitment. His philosophy is ‘It’s not what we do, but how we do it that matters’. When not enjoying a quite semi-rural lifestyle with his wife and kids, you’ll find Matthew enjoying wood-fired pizza and a great red wine.

Joined: February 2012


Nadine is our People and Performance Manager. She joined with expertise in the field of Oracle technologies, Dimensional Modelling and relational database design as well as DWBI Strategy. Nadine’s philosophy is ‘Life is too short to focus on the things you hate. Focus on what you love to do instead’ which she applies to her life by enjoying cooking, playing and laughing with her husband and two young children. When she’s not in the office, you’ll find Nadine actively involved in volunteering at her childrens’ French-Australian bilingual school.

Joined: May 2010


Nithin is a Consultant with expertise in BI, Data Analysis and Data Migration. Nithin is an ardent cricket fan, loves playing it and always heads out to the stadium for a chance to watch it with the crowd. Nithin may look familiar and that's because he has worked in a few amateur short films and stage performances. He have also been involved in charity work for organisations such as Care Flight. Lastly, Nithin keeps busy and always keeps in mind his favouriet quote 'An idle mind is the Devil’s workshop'.

Joined: July 2013


Paul is a Senior Consultant with expertise is in Data Management, Data Quality and Data Profiling. He also has deep Project Management skills and can provide clients with detailed DW/BI strategies and health check assessments. Paul tells us he keeps busy by juggling a torrid affair with his wife while successfully annoying his three lovely daughters! Paul is also a member of the Gungahlin Lions and loves travelling the countryside. His thought-for-the-day is 'the common factor in unsatisfactory endeavours is probably yourself'.

Joined: September 2011


Richard is a Consultant with expertise in data warehousing, quality assurance (particularly in government departments) and most recently has built considerable skills around release management. Richard is the classic taxi-dad on the weekend and when he has some time to himself he's a passionate photographer. Richard is great to have on your side on a project as his mantra is '99 is not 100'.

Joined: April 2008


Ares is a Consultant with our Managed Services team. He has experience as a Business Intelligence Developer within Microsoft. In his spare time, Ares is very active and passionate about outdoor and enjoys runs and swimming, he’s even recently preferred to run a modified marathon after work.

Joined: May 2014


Daniel is a Senior Consultant with expertise in IBM Cognos and Oracle. Another of our consultants with deep experience in the airline industry. Daniel loves travel, running, the gym ... and this quote from Mark Twain: 'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do'

Joined: July 2007


Florita is an experienced Testing Manager and Development Manager for Enterprise Data Warehouses, experience which proves valuable for the Managed Services team. In her spare time, Florita enjoys traveling, photography, nature and spending time with family and friends.

Joined: February 2015


Bhumik is a DW/BI Consultant with expertise in Microsoft SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Informatica and all round awesomeness in consulting. Bhumik has a great eye for detail and a great eye for a target - one of his passions is archery. He also likes a laugh so stand up comedy on YouTube can be a real distraction.

Joined: November 2008



Joined: January 2015


Sandra is a Senior Project Manager with expertise in Project Management across a number of industries with particular depth in knowledge around the airline and airport industries. With two active daughters Sandra is kept busy out of the office, and loves the Gandi quote 'be the change you want to see in the world'.

Joined: July 2010


Anastasia is a Senior Consultant with expertise in Data Modelling and profiling, ETL, particularly IBM DataStage and Databases. Anastasia enjoys travelling, exploring foreign cultures as well as diving. When she’s not jet setting around the world, she enjoys the simple pleasures- reading and a good glass of wine.

Joined: February 2008


Shaune is our Regional Manager for Victoria. He brings leadership skills and a passion for his people to this role as well as deep skills in DW/BI, professional services consulting, and product and project management. He loves discovering and immersing himself in new cultures and is a handy player to have in your golf team.

Joined: March 2008


Sook is in charge of all Financial components of our business. Outside of work, Sook enjoys spending time with her husband and children for afternoons in the park and riding bikes.

Joined: May 2005


Andrew is a Principal Consultant with expertise in BI/DW solutions, building relationships with end-users and teasing out business requirements that are easily comprehended by the technical team. His penchant for reporting solutions is strengthened by his foundation in back-end database/ data warehouse design and development. Andrew loves spending time with his wife and two year old son, 'tinkering' with home theatre projects and exercising when he’s had enough sleep.

Joined: February 2004


Andy is a Senior Consultant who is skilled across all fields of Information Management from solution architecture to delivery. Andy is also relishing the challenges of cutting edge technologies like how to get value from Big Data. Outside of work life is hectic with all the kids activities and finding time to groove to some 80s music ... well no-one is perfect.

Joined: June 2011


Anup is a Senior Consultant with expertise in Data Warehousing, Microsoft Business Intelligence suite, MS SharePoint and Biz Talk EAI platform. Anup loves to spend time with family, take long motorbike rides or play a never ending MMORP game. Anup has a chilled attitude to life – live and let live.

Joined: September 2012


Ina has over 12 years of consulting experience, 6 years of which have been delivering Business Intelligence Solutions using the Microsoft BI stack. In her spare time, Ina is an avid Permaculture enthusiast with a particular interest in food forests (worth a Google search), and also dabbles in amateur jewellery making.

Joined: March 2014


Dawie is a DW/BI Consultant with expertise in SQL server database and ETL, Cognos and Oracle PSQL. Dawie loves exploring the countryside with his wife and son. He also loves the Apple mantra - 'while some may see some people as the crazy ones, we see genius; because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do'.

Joined: February 2012


Alok is a Consultant with expertise in SSIS/SQL server, Cognos reporting and dimensional modelling. Travel, travel, travel keeps him busy outside of work – particularly with a financee in another city and an upcoming honeymoon. Alok ensures clear thinking on any project – living by the Eienstein motto 'when we all think alike no one thinks very much'.

Joined: February 2005


Sidney is a consultant in our Managed Services team. Sidney brings skills in the field of SSIS and SSRS. In his free time Sidney plays bass guitar, is thinking of learning a new instrument soon, and enjoys traveling to new places and taking photographs wherever he goes.

Joined: January 2014


Veronica is our Transport and Logistics Practice Lead with over 20 years’ experience in Information Technology and over 15 years’ experience as an Information Management and Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence specialist. She has extensive hands on experience managing, architecting and delivering Information Management and Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence solutions. In addition to delivering results for Transport and Logistics clients, she has also worked on projects across a broad range of industries. Veronica’s articles have been published in DM Review, CIO.com, the Rust Report and MHD Supply Chain Solutions.

Joined: September 1999


James is a Principal Consultant with deep skill in Data Integration and loves a challenging project to sink his teeth into. Outside of work James loves being a parent and relaxing by playing some sport or listening to music.

Joined: November 2004


Tania is a Senior BI/DW Consultant. Her proficiency lays within Architecture, Solution Design and Information Management (data quality, metadata).After work and on weekends Tania enjoys getting out and about with her dogs and enjoying the outdoor world … as well as cooking and trying new recipes, and learning to appreciate wine!

Joined: October 2014


Guillaume is a DW/BI Consultant with expertise in BI modelling, TM1 and ETL. He loves travelling and staying in a place long enough to discover the unexpected. Scuba and sport keep him fit and believing 'all men who achieve great things have been great dreamers' keeps him dreaming.

Joined: February 2012


Quinten is a Senior Consultant with expertise in ETL, Data Modelling and End to End Data Warehouse design. Another of our staff who loves the outdoors – skiing, surfing and mountain biking, or spending time with friends. Quinten also loves techno gadgets and fixing, renovating and building things – excellent skills to have when building a data warehouse!

Joined: November 2008


David describes his job role as 'DW/BI consultant and/or Magician'. With the depth of experience in data integration, data modelling and reporting that David has – Magician is an apt description. When not at work David loves his pets and growing wonderful vegetables. There's a food theme with David – his favourite saying is ‘cookies is a sometimes food’.

Joined: November 2007


Frederick is a Principal Consultant with skills in Information Architecture, Information Management, and delivering value to his clients across a range of technologies and industries. Frik is a family man who enjoys spending time with his family - a BBQ and a good glass of red is his idea of a perfect day. Frik believes if you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done.

Joined: July 2008


Peng is a DW/BI Consultant interested in providing business users with easier and quicker access to their data; to support data-informed decision making. He has worked extensively across Data Warehouse Design, OLAP Cube Design, ETL, SQL, and MDX, and takes great interest in Data Visualization and Analytics. When he’s not working, Peng enjoys a healthy life style. He loves his Yoga and Pilates, as they encourage accuracy, intelligence, commitment and dedication. Peng lives by these wise words ‘Less is More. Quality, not quantity; simplicity, not complexity.’ It's This is reflected in his work, his taste in fashion, his food preference and his reading choices.

Joined: May 2010


Lindsey is a Consultant who brings skills in all things data-related including data migration, mapping and profiling. She works across a diversity of technology from ETL development using Wherescape RED, Cognos and SSAS and is also a certified Tableau trainer with Altis. 'Keep calm and carry on' is her favourite motto - a motto that keeps her cool under pressure.

Joined: February 2011


Rhubesh is a Senior Consultant with expertise across data warehousing, ETL, BI and particularly Microsoft BI stack and Cognos. Rhubesh loves sharing the great food and wine of his city with his family and friends. He also loves to cook and lives by the motto of 'you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take'.

Joined: September 2010


Simon is a Senior Consultant.

Joined: July 2008


Pavan is a Consultant with expertise in data modelling, Informatica, Microsoft BI and Cognos. Pavan has an inquisitive mind and loves to spend time on DIY projects. He's also keen on watching sport and having a beer with family and friends.

Joined: June 2007


Daniel is a Senior Consultant.


Joined: September 2006


Lynn is a Consultant with experience in Data Modelling, ETL, Reporting especially using Microsoft SSIS,SSAS,SSRS, Cognos Framework Manager and Report Studio. When he’s not in the office he enjoys spending quality time with his family, cooking and driving! Lynn lives by the mantra- 'Do Your Best'.

Joined: April 2011


Khai is a Senior Consultant with expertise in all aspects of DWBI, reporting tools such as Congnos, Microsoft, Informatica, Datastage and Hyperion, with experience across verticals as diverse as Telco to Education and Law to Property. When looking up from the computer Khai loves the outdoors, and with an attitude of 'it’s fun to do the impossible' – no challenge is too great.

Joined: November 2005


Sam is a DW/BI Consultant with expertise in the field of Project Management (PMP certified) and Tableau. Sam comes from an engineering background (within the Australian mining industry - underground Copper Mines in Mount Isa, Queensland).

Outside of work, Sam is an avid sportsman - tennis player, AFL footballer, motorcyclist and SCUBA diver. He also loves to travel, and ran with the bulls in Pamplona in 2011.

Joined: September 2014


Michael is a Graduate Consultant with expertise in the Microsoft SQL Stack. Outside of work, Michael enjoys long distance running, going to the movies and playing video games.

Joined: November 2014


Matthew's expertise is building competitive intelligence data marts for insurance clients. Matthew also has a high performance computing background, having worked to improve the performance of molecular simulation software at University of Queensland. He enjoys the challenge of applying technology to businesses for maximum return on investment.

When not at his desk, Matthew and his wife Jane spend their time with son Benjamin, who has a keen interest in cooking and carnivores (past and present).


Joined: July 2014


Samantha is one of our Programme Managers. She has expertise in the management of complex large scale projects, particularly within multi-source and tiered environments. Sam brings to bear over 15 years’ experience in IT and enjoys the diversity and continuation in knowledge acquisition, provided by the industry. When she’s not in the office, you can find her active in the community; coaching, managing and playing netball.

Joined: June 2007